Don't Even Waste Your Time!!

When I was 19, I was lucky enough to get a paid internship at a tech company.

There was a particular intern that I had my eye on for months and some of the my friends at the company knew it. One of my friends at the company went a rival school, so we placed a wager on the upcoming rivalry football game.

If I lost the bet, I had to walk over to her cubicle and ask her out. Not only did my team lose, they got obliterated. As a matter of fact, I think the other team just scored another touchdown......

I walked over to her cubicle that following Monday, with my friends watching.

I started off with the usual small talk, and then out of nowhere she says:

"Look, I'm not interested at all. Don't even waste your time."

She said it so loud that a few people actually looked up. I saw one guy smirking to himself as I turned around and slowly walked away like a scolded puppy. As I walked back, I wished a trap door would just open under me so I could disappear. My friends clowned me for the rest of week!

As defeated as I felt in this moment, this was actually a great thing!

Now, did I want to get embarrassed like that in front of my friends and co-workers?


I didn't know at the time, but when a woman you're interested in tells you no, she's doing you a huge favor! When a woman says no, it keeps you from wasting time on a woman who's not really interested in you.

Look at the MONTHS I wasted trying to ask her out.

"No" keeps you from getting stuck in the Friend Zone

"No" allows you to quickly move on to someone else

"No" is freedom.

Even in sales you're taught that every "No" brings you closer to a "Yes".

Don't be afraid of rejection when it comes to dating.

It's actually a good thing

Until next time........

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