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“Discover your True Passion” Career Assessment

Are you feeling lost, stuck, or undervalued in your career?

Have you ever……

  • Caught yourself wishing for a new job, but instead, you find yourself staying in the same job because the pay is decent?

  • Wished for a new job or career, but have no idea of what you should do with your life?

If this is you . . . 


It’s time to take the Discover Your True Passion Career Assessment, and understand why:

  • You constantly complain about work to your family and friends, but you never do anything about it

  • You get jealous of people who are passionate about their careers and enjoy their work

  • You tell yourself you’re going to update your resume this weekend, but you end up binge-watching Netflix instead

  • You wake up at an ungodly hour each morning, just to go to a job that depresses you


You’ll easily discover what you’re truly passionate about and come up with an action plan….in under an hour

You’ll discover . . .

  • Why you keep staying in the same job (even though you want to leave)

  • Why you keep choosing jobs that don’t inspire you

  • Why you can’t make a decision about what to do next?

  • Plus tons of PERSONALIZED insight into what motivates you!

This is the first step to making something happen in your career so you FINALLY head down the path to career happiness.   


How does it work?


The “Discover Your True Passion” Career Assessment is a 20 minute online assessment (including a personalized 30 page report, and your top 20 career matches) followed by a 45 minute personal coaching session with Derrick.

Regular Price: $197

Special Price: $97

20 Minute Online Assessment

45 Minute Coaching Session

"Discover your True Passion”

Career Assessment

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