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  • What's the Difference Between Therapy and Coaching?
    Therapy tends to focus more on the past, and the "why". Why can't I move towards my goal? Why am I sad and lonely? The client wants to move away from their pain through the healing of the therapy. Normally, a therapist is also limited in their personal disclosure. A therapist is unlikely to tell you things about their personal life. It's more of a formal conversation. Coaching focuses on new goals, and new things clients would like to develop and accomplish. Coaching focuses on the "how". How can I move towards my goal? How can I find my purpose? How can I get the job they want, a new relationship, a better self esteem, etc. A coaching relationship also tends to be less formal, as it's quite common for a coach to share things about their personal lives if it helps a client.
  • The Right Mindset for Coaching
    In order for coaching to be effective, you need to approach your coaching sessions with the mindset of a CLIENT, not a CUSTOMER. A customer pays their money, and expects everything to be done for them. A client understands that a coach is a partner on their journey to success. A customer will consistently show up late to appointments or cancel at the last minute. A client understands that time is a valuable commodity, and only cancels an appointment as a last resort. A customer thinks they are always right and is often close-minded. A client approaches coaching with an open mind and is willing step out of their comfort zone.
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