"I help introverted professionals find their dream career so that they can stop feeling stuck (undervalued) and finally have a life full of excitement and purpose doing work they love.

-Derrick Long


How I Can Help You

When you do work you love as an introvert . . .


  • You no longer get passed over for promotions by your less-talented but more talkative co-workers

  • You wake up with a sense of purpose and feel excited to get your day started, instead of wondering if you can call out sick for the 3rd week in a row

  • You're more likely to voice your thoughts and ideas in company meetings instead of staring at the clock and daydreaming about faking your own death and moving to another country

Are you an Introvert who feels stuck in your current career?

Have you ever . . .

  • Complained about your job but you never do anything about it?

  • Spent half of your workday browsing Facebook because you're bored?

  • Been passed over for promotions because you're "too quiet?"

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