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What the Hell Do You Want?


If you ask most people what they really want, they'll give you some vague, wishy-washy notion of what they want. "I want to make more money"

"I want a better job"

"I want to be happy"

"I want a loving relationship" The problem with these goals is that they just aren't specific enough.

Let's take "I want to be happy" as an example. When you press people on what would make them happy, you'll usually get a response of "I don't really know." The problem with this answer is that you're lying to yourself. Deep down, people know what they really want, they're just often scared to admit it to themselves. Most people are scared to admit what they really want because they're afraid of what other people will think or they're scared they will never achieve it. Stop telling yourself you want to move up the corporate ladder when what you REALLY want is to have your own business. You may have fooled yourself into thinking you'd like to make $5k more per year, when what you REALLY want is to make $20k or $30k more per year. Don't tell the world you want to go to medical school when your DEEPEST desire is to become an actor or musician. This week, I want you to write down your deepest desires.

I want you to write down the things that you want without fear of judgement.

Stop saying you "just want a decent relationship" when what you REALLY want is to marry the person of your dreams on the beach in Mexico.

If your dream is to be the world's funniest stand-up comedian, or to act in movies, WRITE IT DOWN!

Stop settling! You ALWAYS get what you settle for. Write down everything that would truly make you happy if you didn't have to worry about the opinion of others, and make sure your goals are specific. Instead of saying "I want more money", write down the specific amount of money you want. Write down exactly what you will do with all the extra money. Get really specific about this. Here's an example: "I want to make $170,000 a year as a business owner. When I'm making this amount of money, I'll be able to fly to see my parents and relatives twice a year. I'll also be able to take my family on a great vacation each year without having to worry about keeping track of every dollar." Write down your list, and let me know how it goes.

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