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Why Your Job Sucks If You're an Introvert

Let’s have some fun for just a few minutes.

I want you to pretend you have a time machine, and you can go back to being a little kid….back to the days when you daydreamed about how awesome your life would be when you became an adult.

What if someone came along and told you that 20 years from now, you’ll be stuck working a job that makes you feel like crap.

You’ll also be taking home a mediocre paycheck every 2 weeks. It won’t be a bad paycheck because you’ll still be able to afford a place to live and food to eat. You’ll struggle financially from time to time and may have to juggle bills here or there, but you’ll be okay.

You’ll basically be paid JUST enough money so you don’t quit.

The person also explains that you’ll constantly be passed over for promotions just because you’re one of the more quiet people in the office.

Because you're an introvert, you'll also be accused of being anti-social, or people will complain because you don't talk enough. Some will think you're stuck up or conceited because you don't feel like going to Happy Hour every Friday night after work.

When you do attempt to speak up, you'll be ignored and your ideas will be pushed to the side by your louder, more talkative co-workers. These will also be the same people who criticize you for being quiet.

Those annoying ass people in your office who don’t respect personal space, act like they know everything, and interrupt you while you’re talking?

They’ll be groomed for management positions while you continue to grind away in hidden obscurity, just like a worker bee.

Introvert at Work
"Why are you so quiet? Are you anti-social or something?"

After just six months of working in your office, you’ll quickly realize it’s not the place for you, but for reasons you just can’t fathom, you end up working there for five to six years. You don’t even apply for promotions anymore because you know deep, down inside that you won’t even be considered for the position.

You’ll go home each night feeling emotionally drained and mentally defeated. With each passing month, you’ll grow more and more frustrated. You’ll even catch yourself getting upset at your kids just for acting like kids. You'll angrily snap at your spouse/partner over the smallest thing...

...all because you're frustrated at your job.

You'll spend your Friday evenings drinking, smoking, or staring mindlessly at the TV screen because you're too mentally exhausted to do anything else. You'll pretty much do anything to keep from thinking about work.

By the time Sunday comes around, you start to feel anxiety and despair, because you just can't stomach the thought of going back to work on Monday.

After you’ve served your five to six-year sentence at your job, you're so frustrated that you eventually start applying for jobs and you'll manage to get a new one! You promise yourself that this new job will be different. This is the breath of fresh air you’ve been craving.

Two months into your new job, you realize it’s no different from the old job. Because you’re not playing to your strengths as an introvert, you’re once again passed over for promotions.

For the next five to six years, you’ll go home each night feeling defeated until it’s time to change jobs again.




How would you feel if someone walked up to you as a child and told you this is your future?

Would you be excited and jump and down for joy...or would you laugh and think they’re crazy?

Would you burst into tears and go crying to your parents?

I’m willing to bet that most of you would either think this person is crazy, or you might burst into tears.

Most of you would do everything in your power to keep from living this type of mediocre life….

...yet millions of introverts live this same lifestyle because they’re stuck in the wrong career, or they’ve had their confidence stripped away due to decades of wrongly being told that there’s something wrong with people who are quiet.

Maybe you REALLY wanted to be a musician, lawyer, or professional athlete but you picked your current career because it’s “safe”.

What’s even worse is that some of you were forced to go to college by your parents and racked up an assload of debt just to major in something “safe” like accounting or engineering. (It’s okay, we'll just go to a therapist and blame your parents).

The ironic part about your parents pressuring you to pick a "safe" career?

Recent studies have shown that almost 75% of Americans hate their jobs. This means your parents probably hate(d) their jobs too. They HATE their soul-sucking 9 to 5 jobs, and now they're condemning you to the same miserable fate.

I hate to burst your bubble, but there is no such thing as a safe and secure job. The reality is that at some point, your job WILL replace you.

It’s not even a matter of IF, it’s just WHEN.

If you’re tired of living this way and you're frustrated because you KNOW you aren’t living up to your true potential, I’d love to invite you to reach out to me.

Together, we’ll either work to find a career that truly excites you, or we’ll discover how you can use your strengths as an introvert to break through the glass ceiling at your current job.

Even if you don’t reach out to me, at least do SOMETHING to get out of that dead-end job.

There's no point in continuing to complain about your job if you're aren't willing to do something about it.

Update your Resume......

Apply for a job you don’t think you’re qualified for.....

Update your LinkedIn profile....

Start a side gig and become an entrepreneur......

You can’t keep doing more of the same thing day after day and expect your life to be any different.

Deep down inside, you KNOW you weren’t put on this planet to live a mediocre existence.


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